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FORESITE 360 is the most comprehensive genetic testing service designed for healthy newborns, infants and children to understand and manage their risk of disease.

Disease screening

See which genetically linked and treatable diseases your baby might have now or could develop later

Medication screening

Receive information on how your baby will respond to common medications

Start out with simple, noninvasive testing

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Obtain a saliva sample and send it back to us

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The genomic profile is checked against 300+ diseases and 40+ common medication types

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See the report

You receive the clinical report with any findings and review it with a genetic counselor

On-demand access to genetic counseling

When you enroll in FORESITE 360, you’ll receive access to genetic counseling through an expert, board-certified service. Genetic counselors specialize in assessing risk for genetic diseases.

Genetic counselors can:

  • Answer questions about genetics for you and your child’s doctor
  • Provide guidance on your child’s genomic profile
  • Help your doctor create any genetic health plans
FORESITE 360 genetic counselor and newborn baby

FORESITE 360 unlocks a lifetime of health insights

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FORESITE 360 unlocks a lifetime of health insights

Each year, your child’s profile will be reanalyzed against the latest genomic insights

While genomic profiles never change, genomic insights are discovered constantly, enabling you to discuss additional treatment or prevention approaches with your child’s doctor.

In addition to these annual reports, your child can receive lifetime genetic counseling and exclusive, tailored content for their age group.

Why does FORESITE 360 include reanalysis?
Because it is the right thing to do. The next discovery may be the one that impacts your family.

Test kit

Get started with FORESITE 360

The most comprehensive genetic test designed for children

Includes initial genetic screening by whole genome sequencing, clinical reporting for use by your child’s physician, genetic counseling and FORESITE 360° Check-ups until your child turns 18

FORESITE 360° Check-up features annual reporting for new gene-disease insights and age-related screening including an updated clinical report, on-going access to genetic counseling and secure storage of DNA data

Multiple children under the age of 5? Contact us at for a family discount


Flexible payment options for your family


$0 - Reserve FORESITE 360 today

$2,995 - One-time payment, includes Annual FORESITE 360° Check-ups

HSA and FSA Eligible 

- or - 

12, 24 or 36-month payment plans available for under $99/month*
with HFA
Has your child been born?

*Based on qualified credit. Financing provided through Healthcare Financing of America.

Our team is here to answer questions on the product and process, no commitment

FORESITE 360 is a powerful solution for families and we want parents to feel comfortable with all of the capabilities and steps in the process. Please schedule some time with our staff to walk through the process and answer any questions.

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Your baby’s most precious information, kept 100% secure

FORESITE 360 will never share your baby’s results with anyone other than parents, their genetic counselors, and clinicians designated by a parent or legal guardian.

Where is my child’s information processed?

All sequencing is conducted in the United States in collaboration with a world-renowned genomics institute and CAP-accredited, CLIA-compliant clinical services lab. Genetic counseling is provided by licensed and certified genetic counselors through a partnership with GeneMatters, a Genome Medical company.

CAP, College of American Pathologists; CLIA, Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act.


How is this different than DNA testing services like 23&Me?
There are a few key distinctions that are helpful areas to learn about as you get familiar with DNA testing for children.
  1. FORESITE 360 is a test designed specifically for children. 23&Me and other health solutions are designed for adults, they don’t focus on child-onset conditions and report on adult onset cancers and neurodegenerative disease like Alzheimers and Parkinson's Disease.
  2. FORESITE 360 is a one-time cost. Our total advertised cost covers your child through age 18. No additional cost for annual re-analysis. We’ve got you covered.
  3. Many ancestry and health solutions only test 1-2% of your DNA. They’re “targeted” meaning they choose to look only in certain areas of DNA. This limits the future of your solution. FORESITE 360 tests 100% of your child’s DNA, for initial results and annual updated analysis.
Why is this approach the best for this kind of analysis?

By sequencing all 22,000 genes and screening approximately 300+ markers of genetically linked conditions and re-analyzing yearly, FORESITE 360 provides actionable insights about a child’s genetics for physicians and parents to use when creating treatment plans. The yearly updates incorporate any new genomic insights and give parents the most information possible about their child’s health.

By working with Fore to safeguard your child’s health, you’ll be benefitting from the latest advances of the ever-expanding, multi-billion dollar human genetics industry.

How can this help children and their parents?

FORESITE 360 will identify many genetically linked health risks even before a child is symptomatic and provide information on how the child will respond to common medications. This gives parents and healthcare providers the unprecedented ability to take proactive steps to mitigate or possibly prevent conditions.

Will parents be able to understand the analysis?

We make sure the results of a child’s genetic analysis are communicated clearly to parents by setting up a one-on-one session with a specialized FORESITE 360 genetic counselor to discuss the results and any questions parents might have.

Who are these genetic counselors?

Genetic counselors are certified experts who specialize in assessing risk for genetic disease. They can guide parents through the FORESITE 360 process, explain the results of the initial report, as well as be available for any questions parents may have.

How is the DNA collected?

FORESITE 360 uses a simple, at-home, saliva swab to collect saliva, DNA is then extracted from the saliva sample and sequenced in CLIA regulated labs. 

Will this information be shared or sold?

No. Fore Genomics will never sell a child’s data, or store data outside of the United States.

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