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We launched Fore Genomics and FORESITE 360 with a simple goal, to give parents peace of mind and help children live healthier lives. We have seen the era of genome sequencing first-hand. What started as large research projects sequencing thousands of people with a disease to understand gene-disease relationships turned into clinical genomics and sequencing individuals for disease based on the discovery of these gene-disease relationships.Fore at Prego LA 2023


FORESITE 360 is designed as the most comprehensive genetic test possible for newborns, infants, and children. We want every family to have access to the best technologies available for their child's health.


Almost all sequencing done today is done as a diagnostic test once someone is sick and is usually not on a first-line basis. For pediatric cases, this causes concern for parents and suffering for their children. By moving testing earlier in life, we can determine a child’s risk of disease allowing for proactive management. Proactive management may be as simple as increased surveillance - when symptoms occur, you know the cause and can seek treatment or as complex as taking medication or having gene therapy early in life.


Historically, a service like FORESITE 360 is only available to the well-connected. Our goal is to make this type of predisposition genetic testing available to everyone. FORESITE 360 is fully CLIA, CLEP and CAP compliant and our clinical reports can be used by your doctor with genetic counselors available to help.


FORESITE 360 is designed to grow with your child, we incorporate new insights into our annual re-analysis, the 360° check-up, and provide the latest updates on gene-disease relationships as new discoveries are made.


We see a future where every child has their genome sequenced at birth or shortly after and it is used at various points throughout their live to help improve healthcare. Fore’s goal is to bring that future here sooner to help people live healthier lives.


Fore's team shares vision of a future where the understanding of an individuals unique DNA is important to helping live a healthier life.  


In addition to Fore’s founding team, Fore has a team of advisors and consultants with experience in genomics, genetics, healthcare, health equity, public policy, and data science.



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