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FORESITE 360 vs. Other Genetic Tests

As a new or expecting parent, you may be considering genetic screening for your child to help identify potential health issues. While traditional genetic screenings such as carrier screening, NIPT (non-invasive prenatal testing), and newborn screening can provide parents with a snapshot related to their child’s health, they lack a recurring comprehensive analysis of your child’s genetic traits. 

Why is this important? Every year, substantial advances are made in identifying genetic traits that can affect your child. As these increase, a child’s DNA should be reanalyzed to determine if any new diseases are found. 

Let’s explore what makes FORESITE 360 unique from other forms of genetic testing and how it could benefit your family's overall healthcare journey together.

Types of screenings

Carrier Screening

Carrier screening is a type of genetic screening used to detect changes in certain genes or chromosomal changes that could be passed on from parent to child. A carrier screen can identify an individual's carrier status for a wide range of single-gene disorders - such as cystic fibrosis, thalassemia, and sickle cell anemia - as well as some chromosome abnormalities.

Carrier screening is recommended specifically for adults with a family history of inherited diseases that plan to become pregnant, and adults with ethnic backgrounds associated with carrier mutations. It is generally done via blood or saliva collection. 

Carrier screening results can help determine if both parents are carriers of a particular gene; however, carrier screening tests do not provide information about how likely the individual is to pass on the disorder or develop it themselves. By learning their carrier status, individuals can be well informed when making decisions regarding their family planning and potential associated risks.

NIPT Screening

NIPT, or non-invasive prenatal testing, analyzes the DNA of a fetus through the mother's blood and can detect the presence of certain genetic disorders such as Down syndrome, trisomy 13, and trisomy 18. NIPT is considered less invasive than other prenatal tests because it only requires a blood sample from the mother. 

The test can only estimate the risk of having certain genetic conditions. Because NIPT analyzes both the baby's and mother’s DNA, the test may detect a genetic condition in the mother.  

Newborn Screening

Newborn screening is a state-specific test that is performed shortly after a baby is born to detect certain life-threatening genetic and metabolic disorders that may not be obvious at birth, but could cause serious health problems if left untreated. Examples of disorders that can be detected through newborn screening include phenylketonuria (PKU), congenital hypothyroidism, and sickle cell anemia. On average, states screen for 30-40 different conditions. 

During the newborn screening, a sample of the newborn's blood is obtained via a heel prick and it is tested for potential health issues that can be treated before serious, long-term health problems occur. Newborn screenings are recommended for every newborn, regardless of family history or ethnic background.


FORESITE 360 is a genetic test designed to help your family stay in touch with the latest developments in genetic technology. A simple one-time cheek swab of your baby is sent to a CLIA-certified and CAP-approved lab which analyzes the sample against over 250 genetic conditions and 50 medication allergies. Any positive results are conditions that can be medically managed now, even before symptoms appear. 

Offering more comprehensive findings than any other genetic test on the market, FORESITE 360's yearly analysis of your child's DNA keeps you abreast of the most up-to-date genetic information available. The actionable results allow you to make informed decisions when it comes to planning your child's future. Additionally, FORESITE 360 gives you access to expert genetic counselors who can address any questions or concerns on the results. 

Why Choose FORESITE 360?

FORESITE 360 is designed as a comprehensive genomic profile for your child that reports on diseases not covered by carrier screenings, NIPTs, or newborn screenings. FORESITE 360 incorporates future genetic knowledge as new gene-disease validations are discovered regularly. 

Key Facts

  • FORESITE 360 screens for a wider variety of genetic disorders than other standard screenings
  • FORESITE 360 is the only genetic screening product that incorporates annual reanalysis to detect early-onset genetic disorders
  • FORESITE 360 is non-invasive and requires only a painless cheek swab sample
  • FORESITE 360 is affordable and available to every family wanting to take charge of their child’s health

The Takeaway

Carrier screening, NIPT, newborn screening and FORESITE 360 are important tools used in the detection and diagnosis of genetic disorders. They help parents make informed decisions about their child’s health to ensure that children with certain disorders are diagnosed and treated as soon as possible. Going beyond the traditional screening tests, FORESITE 360 allows parents a chance to be proactive in their child’s health, offering a comprehensive analysis of their DNA with unparalleled accuracy. There is nothing quite like the peace of mind FORESITE 360 delivers when it comes to your child’s health.

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