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FORESITE 360: A Powerful Tool in Pediatric Genomics - Why Reanalysis Matters

In a world where technology evolves at lightning speed, the field of genomics isn't any different. Each year, our scientific community reveals new genes and associations with diseases, bringing hope, answers, and direction to many families worldwide. A perfect illustration of this progress is at Fore Genomics, as cutting-edge company with an innovative, proactive approach to genomic testing for children we are constantly updating our screening to include the latest clinical research.

The Cutting-Edge Approach of FORESITE 360 in Genomic Testing

A pivotal component that differentiates Fore Genomic’s flagship product, FORESITE 360, from other genomics companies is its commitment to reanalyzing your child's whole genome each year. This isn't simply a nice-to-have feature; it's a game-changing strategy that is both visionary and practical, especially when considering the rapidly progressing field of genomics.

Expanding the Scope of Testing

FORESITE 360 has launched their v2 screening, scaled from 232 genes to 306. Each of these genes is tied to particular conditions or diseases. The impact? A more precise genetic roadmap, equipping parents and pediatricians with actionable insights to combat future symptoms or disease onset.

Aligning with the Latest Genetic Discoveries

The American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics (ACMG) has established a process for ongoing updates to their list of actionable gene variants, also known as secondary findings (SFs). This list, carefully curated and revised by a multidisciplinary team, guides genomic interpretation and reporting in the context of clinical exome and genome sequencing. As genomics is an evolving field, the ACMG now intends to update this list annually, ensuring it incorporates the most recent gene-disease associations. 

This strategic approach underscores the significance of FORESITE360's commitment to yearly reanalysis. Just as the ACMG and other prominent guideline lists evolve, so does FORESITE360's testing, ensuring that parents and pediatricians benefit from the most recent and accurate genetic information available. Through this synchronization of updated scientific insights and innovative testing methodologies, FORESITE360 empowers proactive health management based on the latest genetic data, thereby setting the pace with the dynamic nature of genomic research.

Continuous Reanalysis is Key to Uncovering New Genetic Insights

Genetic research is not static; it is a constantly evolving field. As our understanding of the human genome deepens, previously unidentified genetic variants associated with diseases are continually discovered. A genome sequence analysis that was conducted a year ago might miss crucial information discovered this year. By reanalyzing genomic data annually, FORESITE360 ensures that no new disease-associated genes go unnoticed in your child's genome. FORESITE 360 uses the latest information to provide the most comprehensive, up-to-date snapshot of your child's genetic health landscape. 

An Up-to-Date Genetic Health Landscape

Importantly, this is a one-time investment for parents – once you invest in the initial testing, the annual reanalysis comes at no additional cost. However, reanalysis isn't just about discovering new disease-associated genes. It is also about improving the accuracy of our current understanding. New research can update how we interpret certain gene variations, converting previously benign interpretations into recognized risk factors. Implementing a routine of systematic reanalysis enables your child's genetic health profile to capitalize on these breakthroughs in interpretation, bringing a wealth of benefits.

From Reactive to Proactive Healthcare

FORESITE 360 doesn't just keep pace with genomic advances, it actively incorporates them into your child's health strategy. This proactive approach to healthcare redefines the paradigm of pediatric healthcare, shifting from reacting to disease symptoms to anticipating and mitigating health risks.

Reanalyzing genomic data is an indispensable piece of healthcare planning. It ensures that your child's genetic health profile is always current, no matter how quickly scientific understanding progresses. And in this crucial aspect, ForeGenomics stands as an innovative leader. By choosing FORESITE 360, parents don't just get a static glimpse of their child's genetic health. They invest in a dynamic tool that evolves alongside the frontiers of genomic science, offering year-on-year insights that empower them to make the best possible health decisions for their children. This forward-thinking strategy is not just innovative; it's transformative. And, in the ever-evolving world of genomics, it's not a luxury - it's a necessity.


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