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How is FORESITE 360 Unique?

FORESITE 360 has a unique and advanced approach to DNA sequencing and analysis. It starts with a simple cheek swab done in the comfort of your home. Once the sample is mailed to Fore’s CLIA/CAP processing lab, we sequence your child’s entire genome (100% of DNA). We do this through a process called whole genome sequencing. While most sequencing techniques only look at a portion of your child’s DNA, we sequence 100%. By sequencing all of your child’s DNA, we are able to re-analyze yearly to keep up with the numerous advancements in the science of genetics. Re-analysis includes new gene-disease validations, personalized reporting and age-relevant results.

While we do sequence 100% of a person’s genome, FORESITE 360 is designed to report on approximately 1% of the DNA - about 300 genes out of 22,000. The reason for this is that FORESITE 360 reports on genetic conditions that typically present symptoms in the first or second decades of life and also have clinical management plans and we don’t know how many of our genes impact predisposition to disease. This means that if a rare variant is present in your child’s DNA, there are steps you can take to help manage or prepare for the genetic condition.

Unlike other companies, FORESITE 360 provides a “sequence once - re-analyze often” approach. This makes us unique in the industry. Each year, scientific researchers link between thirty and fifty newly discovered genes to genetic diseases. There are billions of dollars spent annually by international initiatives that all have one purpose: to advance our understanding of genes and their link to disease. All over the world, in hundreds of different labs, scientists are working hard at discovering more about the genome. With this abundance of research, it’s no wonder so many genetic discoveries are being made each year.

How FORESITE 360 Helps Patients

We see an example of this scientific advancement in patients who are living with epilepsy, a disorder of the central nervous system. New genes are being identified that are associated with epilepsy. The discoveries are happening at a rapid pace and the effects of quickly accumulating knowledge are improving clinical care and quality of life for many people. Over 126 epilepsy genes have been discovered to date and the pace of gene discovery is accelerating rapidly. Genetic diagnoses significantly influence the care and management of epilepsy, as well as hundreds of other genetic diseases. With FORESITE 360, we can take advantage of these new discoveries and create a healthier future for your child.

Keeping Up With Scientific Advancements

As this scientific work moves forward, there are novel methods being created that find new genes, such as phenotypic similarity analyses and computational phenotyping. Many ongoing clinical validation studies are searching for a better understanding of the links between genes and disease. Finally, there are also gene-disease insights that may be relevant for adults but not children. By having sequenced 100% of your child’s DNA, we can screen for new and age-related variants as your child grows, including conditions that may only manifest when your child has reached adulthood. This is all accomplished with the original cheek swab through FORESITE 360.

FORESITE 360’s re-analysis approach incorporates these new scientific insights, meaning that next year’s analysis will be more comprehensive than this year’s. And moving forward, every year will yield new scientific discoveries that provide a broader understanding of your child’s genetic risk. Each year that passes only adds to our understanding.

How FORESITE 360 Can Help Your Child

FORESITE 360 offers ongoing utility. All advancements in DNA research will be incorporated into your FORESITE 360 reporting, year after year. Full genome sequencing and constant re-analysis is the first step toward precision, or personalized medicine. Precision medicine is an innovative approach where disease treatment and management are tailored to the individual. Today, most medical treatments are based on the findings of clinical studies that are designed to find the best option for the average person. That means that current healthcare is a one-size-fits-all approach that is unable to help everyone. With the knowledge that FORESITE 360 produces, you are given individualized answers to help your child. With this type of sequencing and analysis, we’re one step closer to the vision of complete precision medicine.


FORESITE 360 is a trusted partner that can provide the latest insight into your child’s DNA. The process, led by certified genetic counselors, can help to make medical care more proactive and efficient by understanding your child’s unique risk of disease. It is a groundbreaking health information service that can provide peace of mind, answers, and best of all, a course of action.

The National Society of Genetic Counselors recommends that expanded genetic screening, like the type ForeGenomics offers, be available and offered to all. FORESITE 360 can screen your child’s DNA for approximately 350 conditions, including over 40 medications, all to help your child enjoy the best health possible. This process allows you as a parent to gain knowledge about your child’s health early on, placing you in the best position to create a healthy life for your child.

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