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FORESITE 360 is the most comprehensive genetic testing service designed for healthy newborns, infants, and children to understand and manage their risk of disease.


It offers disease screening for genetically linked and manageable diseases, medication screening to provide information on how a baby will respond to common medications, and on-demand access to genetic counseling.


With FORESITE 360, parents can receive yearly updates on their child's genomic insights, genetic counseling, and exclusive tailored content for their age group.


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Know More.

Screen 100% of your child's DNA to understand their risk of genetic disease and response to medications. Get updated reporting annually with the latest scientific insights.

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Know Early.

Learn health risks before symtoms occur. Know what proactive steps to take, symptoms to look for and what medications are best for your child.

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Know What to Do.

Partner with your doctor on care planning, start preventative care to delay onset of symtoms, educate your family and reduce the unknown.

  • Uses 100% of the patient’s DNA
  • Screens for 300+ genetically linked conditions
  • Tests for genomic markers of drug sensitivity in 40+ categories
  • Results are delivered in about 4 to 5 weeks
  • New genetic insights added annually, with no need to retest
  • Customizable disease management plans for easy clinic implementation

Other genetic testing options

Traditional Newborn Screening

  • Dried blood sample
  • Tests for 30 to 50 disease biomarkers

Large-scale Genotyping

  • Highly targeted, only tests ~0.03% of genome
  • Unable to expand offering

Gene Panel Sequencing

  • Pre-selected genes only
  • Needs an overhaul to add genes

Whole-exome Sequencing

  • Only tests 2% of genome

Genetic Screening

Genetic screening, also known as DNA testing, is the most personalized precision medicine solution for your child. FORESITE 360 reads your child’s DNA, providing a solution for life, connected to the understanding of what our genes tell us about our health. 

FORESITE 360 provides:

  • Comprehensive whole genome sequencing (100% of your child's DNA)
  • Reporting on 300+ pediatric genetic conditions and response to medications
  • Secure data storage for 18 years, no sharing your child’s data
  • FORESITE 360° Annual Checkup, yearly analysis against new genetic science discovery

FORESITE 360 unlocks a lifetime of health insights

Each year, your child’s profile will be reanalyzed against the latest genomic insights

While genomic profiles never change, genomic insights are discovered constantly, enabling you to discuss additional treatment or prevention approaches with your child’s doctor.

In addition to these annual reports, your child can receive genetic counseling and exclusive, tailored content for their age group.

Why does Fore include reanalysis? Because it's the right thing to do, the next discovery may be the one that impacts your family.

Genetic Counseling

FORESITE 360 provides expert board certified genetic counselors to explain your results, answer questions and help you and your doctor create genetic health plans.

Genetic counseling is:

  • 100% virtual for your privacy and convenience
  • Included in your FORESITE 360 initial results
  • Available on demand for future re-analysis counseling
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Your baby’s most precious information, kept 100% secure

FORESITE 360 will never share your baby’s results with anyone other than parents, their genetic counselors, and clinicians designated by a parent or legal guardian.

Where is my child’s information processed?

All sequencing is conducted in the United States in collaboration with a world-renowned genomics institute and CAP-accredited, CLIA-compliant clinical services lab. Genetic counseling is provided by licensed and certified genetic counselors through a partnership with GeneMatters, a Genome Medical company.

CAP, College of American Pathologists; CLIA, Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act.


How does FORESITE 360 help children and their families?

FORESITE 360 will identify many genetically linked health risks even before a child is symptomatic and provide information on how the child will respond to common medications. This gives parents and healthcare providers the unprecedented ability to take proactive steps to mitigate or possibly prevent conditions.

Is this only for people who have a family history of disease?

No, anyone interested in learning how genetics may impact their child’s health can use FORESITE 360, whether or not they have a genetic condition in their family.

Will parents be able to understand the analysis?

We make sure the results of a child’s genomic analysis are communicated clearly to parents by setting up a one-on-one session with a specialized FORESITE 360 genetic counselor to discuss the results and any questions parents might have.

How is the DNA collected?

FORESITE 360 uses a simple, at-home, saliva swab to collect the sample of DNA used for the test.

What happens if parents decide to wait a few years before using FORESITE 360?

Anyone at any age can take a FORESITE 360 test, though it is recommended to conduct genomic testing as a newborn, as genetic conditions are often easier to manage when preparation starts before symptoms appear. When used to screen newborns, FORESITE 360 can help you make proactive healthcare decisions, potentially increasing a baby’s quality of life and minimizing symptoms.

Will a condition that might develop in the future impact a patient’s insurability?

No, a federal law called the Genetic Information Nondisclosure Act (GINA) protects individuals against discrimination based on their genetic information in health coverage and in employment.

ACA (Obamacare) ensures that health insurance companies cannot refuse to cover you or charge you more if you have a pre-existing condition. This provides protection if you have already been diagnosed or are being treated for a genetic disorder. 

There are also state-specific laws to increase protections for discrimination in mortgage lending, education, public accommodation, emergency services, life insurance and disability services such as CalGINA in California.

Additionally, FORESITE 360 will never share any information with insurance companies, in accordance with HIPAA guidelines.

What types of conditions and pharmaco-genetic interactions does this analysis screen for?

FORESITE 360 compares genomic profiles against genetically linked health risks such as childhood metabolic disorders, immunodeficiencies, and cancers, and it provides individualized information about a child’s response to medications like antibiotics, immunosuppressants, and anticonvulsants.

Does HIPAA apply to FORESITE 360?

Yes, all information is 100% secure and private at every step of the process, and data storage is HIPAA-compliant.

How do parents let their physician see their baby’s FORESITE 360 report?

Parents can designate a physician of their choosing to receive their child’s FORESITE 360 report. No FORESITE 360 information or information about a child will be shared with anyone other than parents or legal guardians, their designated physician, and the personal genetic counselor.

What happens if parents have questions later?

When parents purchase FORESITE 360, they have access to a personal genetic counselor, who is always available to answer any questions.  Additionally, parents are encouraged to discuss their clinical analysis results with your child’s pediatrician.

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